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How the
Affirnmations Doctor
was born

'Affirmations Doctor'

Dr. Anne Marie Evers
is an
Ordained Minister
Doctor of Divinity.
District President of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA),
for British Columbia, Canada and
Co-Chair of Kid's Kamp for INTA World Congress, Phoenix, AZ.

Highlights of Reverend-Doctor Anne Marie Evers
International Motivational Speaker
Best Selling Author
Radio TV/Internet Host
Radio Talk Show Host from Coast to Coast and Worldwide on the Web
Workshop Facilitator
Freelance Writer
Author of 3 Affirmation Books
Author/Creator of The Cards of Life
Creator of 3 Children's Programs
Author of 6 Affirmation Booklets
Co-author of the
Don't Die With your Dreams Inside CD - with Greg Norman

How Did I Become Involved in Doing and Teaching the Power of the Spoken Word (Affirmations)?

Many people over the years have asked me, "Anne Marie, how did you ever get started on the path of affirmations?” I tell them it grew out of a very negative
situation. My first husband Al was an alcoholic. I decided I had only three choices: drink with him; take the kids and leave him, or find other interests.I quickly
decided that my children already had one alcoholic parent and certainly did not deserve or need another one, so that option was ruled out.

Option two was to take the kids and leave. After spending some time checking, I discovered that not one member of my family was in a position to take care
of us, and in those days, it was very difficult to find a place that would take a mother and two children.

So I decided to go for the third option: finding other interests. I took up meditation, yoga, reflexology, astral traveling, creative visualization, writing, and
much, much more. My quest and thirst for knowledge led me to some positive thinking books and Affirmations. I was so intrigued; I started doing Affirmations,
half wondering if they would really work.

I was amazed at what happened in my life. My affirmations started coming true.

No, my husband did
not stop drinking, but I did change the way I viewed him; he sensed this change and some things did improve in our home.

I have used Affirmations in every part of my life and could not imagine life without them!

Out of a negative situation, I learned about Affirmation Power and how to use it. I now feel it is my place in life to help those who wish to learn how to use this
extraordinary power. Little did I know back then that this would lead to me becoming The Affirmations Doctor.

Now I thank Al for being one of my very important teachers.
I believe we are all students and teachers and that we all learn from each other.

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."
"When the teacher is ready, the student appears."

I have been a regular guest on numerous Radio Talk Shows over the years and on one of
the shows the Host said, "We'll be right back with the 'Affirmations Doctor' " - this was live over the radio and from then on, I became
affectionately known  as the 'Affirmations Doctor'  . Since that time I   have spent years completing my ministerial studies and received my
Doctor of Divinity .

Dr. Anne Marie Evers personal message:
Dear Affirmation Enthusiasts,

I am grateful to all those who use the principles, Affirmation Exercises and Methods concepts  taught in my books, writings,
radio shows and workshops and to the thousands of men and women who have allowed me to guide them and be a part of their
search for a happier, more fulfilled life.

I greatly appreciate your valuable feedback, emails, and letters of encouragement. Also, thank you for your Affirmation
success stories. I am very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It is my hope and Affirmation that each one of you will also purchase and use my books:
Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness,
Affirmations: Your Passport to Lasting, Loving Relationships,
Affirmations: Your Passport to Prosperity/Money.
These books also make great every occasion gifts for those special people in your life.

The information technique that I teach is so powerful that it comes with a warning:
We must never hurt or take from anyone;
Everything we affirm or do must be to the good of all parties concerned, including you!

You must have at least a 51% believability factor that your Affirmation can manifest as affirmed.;
Feel, really feel, your Affirmation in your heart center, and oh yes, have Fun!
My Affirmation for you is that you use this information to create a beautiful tapestry of life for yourself and then share it
with others.  Remember:  all Affirmations
must be to the good of all parties concerned, and this includes YOU!   
Check out my new website: and you might also be interested to see the DVD of my home
with  pictures of my precious Angels, the Angel Chapel and surrounding area through  YouTube at :

My Resume
I have worked in the personal growth field for many years, teaching and conducting workshops and seminars in the following areas:
The Power of Affirmations
How Thoughts affect us
Using Mind Power to Create Miracles
Creative Visualization
Positive Thinking
How to Attract Perfect, Lasting Careers, Relationships, Optimum Health and much more.
Member of the Canadian Guidance and Counseling Association Counselor Training Institute.
Real Estate License in Canada (UBC) and United States (College Mt. Vernon, WA)
Broker in both Canada and United States
Security Issuers License (Vancouver Stock Exchange)
Certificates in Child Psychology 212, Therapeutic Touch, and Personal Development
My clients include families, businesses, First Peoples, and community organizations. I also coach people on an individual basis.
Other Achievements
Columnist of Many Publications
Freelance Writer
Senior Editor: Affirmations-Media Newsletter
Publisher: Popular, internationally known monthly newsletter: Passport 2000+

Sadly on December 12, 2013
Pastor Reggie Clemens, my
husband of 7 years, passed
away in his sleep at home.

He is and will continue to be missed by his loving wife,
Dr. Anne Marie Evers and family. He will always be
remembered for his bright, lovely smile and one-of-a-kind
sense of humour and his caring for others. God Bless you
all.  And to my Reggie:
”I loved you then; I love you now; and
I will love you forever"